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Prefab steel structure cold room Prefab steel structure cold room Prefab steel structure cold room

Prefab steel structure cold room


small steel structure cold room,cold storage for sale,Cold storage sandwich panel and doors for sale

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Steel structure cold storage
All the material and components are food grade,and have been approved by HAACP.
We will design and select prime material according to your local weather datas and temp-difference.


1. Cold storage rooms are more and more widely used in many fields for people’s work and life, including medical health, blood banks, poultry slaughter, and processing of aquaculture, agricultural product, dairy, beverage and logistics storage.

2. Solar powered cold storage rooms are mainly installed in places with good radiation where utility grid can’t reach, or where their electricity rates are very high. However, their capacities are usually not very big because of installation costs, and main specifications are 20’ and 40’ movable container cold storage rooms.

Cold room breakdown photo:

Components introductions:

Sandwich panel/cladding panel doors and wall
Made up by two PPGI surface sheets and core material
The door and wall should be specialized to cold storage construction standard,and be approved by HAACP.
Applications:Fire protection and warm insulation
Advantage:Removable,light weight and easy to installed

Refrigerating machine
A necessary part of cold storage.
By pressing freezing medium to make the storage cold quickly


l The world famous brand refrigeration fittings;

l Modular insulation panel, CAM hook and easy Installation;

l Fully automatic control, easy operation and management;

l Environment friendly and energy saving.


1.1 5.0 °C ~ + 15°C: communication station, medicines storage etc;

1.2 -15 °C ~ + 5 °C: pre-cooling, keep fresh;

1.3 -15 °C ~ -20 °C: freezer storage;

1.4 -20 °C ~ -30 °C: quick-freeze;

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