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Steel structure prefabricated horse barn Steel structure prefabricated horse barn Steel structure prefabricated horse barn Steel structure prefabricated horse barn Steel structure prefabricated horse barn

Steel structure prefabricated horse barn


Steel structure horse stable barn, Prefabricated Design Steel structure Horse barn Building.

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Steel structure horse barn

Main house is steel structure,also have shed structure.

We select suitable wall and roof material according to your local tempreture and other weather datas.

Please inform your max wind load,eathquake and snow bear load,then we can quote and design,

If your requirement is a cow farm base,please inform us the whole size of the area.We can also plan the base for you

Horse barn types:

H sections:


Surface:Galvanized zinc coat or two-layer of rich-zinc expoy paint

Usage:Make up the main steel structure frame

Roof sheet and ridge tile:

Color:Ral colors,optional


Usage:Roof or wall panels for steel structure buildings panels

We have several lines of press.can produce many types of corrugated sheets

Sandwich panel/cladding panel

Made up by two PPGI surface sheets and core material

Classification as shapes:Wall panel and roof panel

a. Wall panel:one side is PPGI corrugated sheet,another side is plain PPGI sheet or both sides are small wave sheets.

b. Roof panel:top side are PPGI corrugated sheets,another side is plain or small wave sheets.

Classification as core materials:EPS sandwich panel,Rockwool sandwich panel,PU/PIR sandwich panel,etc

Applications:Fire protection and warm insulation

Advantage:Removable,light weight and easy to installed

C/Z purlins

Material:Q235 or Q345

Surface:Galvanized zinc coat

Classification:Z purlin and C purlin

Applications:For supporting protection structure,panels


As the structure main connection component.they can be classified as positions on the structure.

Foundation bolts:For connecting basement and main structure part.


High strength bolts:For connecting main structure part,such as pillars,beams.


Common bolts:For connecting second part structure


Horse stable

Main material is steel pipes or woods

To hold back horses and protect them,also array horses in row or horses crowd decentralization

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