Poultry Farm House

Poultry farm house is a new type of steel building which is very popular all ove

Poultry Farm House(图1)

Poultry farm house is a new type of steel building which is very popular all over the world, it is widely used to feed broiler, layer, duck, etc. It is easy transport, installation, low investment, and environment friendly.

Because of different countries have distinct

climate, market and habits requrements. Generally the width of broiler house is 12m- 16m, length is less than 150m, height is 2.1m

-3m ( for free range) or 2.5m-4.5m( in A typecage or H type)

Our steel structure design poultry farm can

be built with different construction methods, close type ( sandwich panel for wall and roof, also you can choose the ceiling type) and open type( sandwich panel or steel sheet& aluminum bubble foil for roof, no wall or wire mesh&curtian for wall).

Key attributes of poultry farm houses include:

Steel Construction: These structures are predominantly constructed using steel frames, offering durability, strength, and resistance to environmental factors.

Modular Design: Poultry farm houses often feature modular components, facilitating easy transportation and quick assembly on-site, which helps to reduce construction time and labor costs.

Versatility: They are designed to accommodate different types of poultry, including broilers, layers, ducks, and other birds, providing suitable housing conditions for their growth and development.

Low Investment: Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar poultry houses, steel poultry farm houses generally require lower initial investment, making them a cost-effective option for poultry farmers.

Environmental Friendliness: These structures can incorporate environmentally friendly features such as proper ventilation systems, natural lighting, and waste management solutions, contributing to sustainable poultry farming practices.

Poultry farm houses are used extensively in the agricultural sector for various purposes, including:

Broiler Farming: Providing controlled environments for raising broiler chickens for meat production.

Layer Farming: Offering suitable housing conditions for laying hens to produce eggs.

Duck Farming: Creating appropriate habitats for raising ducks for meat or egg production.