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Multi-Story Frame Structure System

OverviewMulti-story frame structure is a new type of building structure structur

Multi-Story Frame Structure System(图1)


Multi-story frame structure is a new type of building structure structure system,it's connected with H,C,Z,U steel components, combined into the main body structure; With all sorts of plank as the roof and wall, match with artifacts, door to wait to form a complete building system.

Frame structure is mainly used in school,hospital, shopping mall,residential and exhibitionhall,etc.

Key features of multi-story frame structures include:

Steel Component Integration: The main body structure of the building is assembled by connecting H, C, Z, or U steel components, providing strength and durability to support multiple stories.

Versatile Panel Usage: Different types of panels are utilized for the roof and walls, offering flexibility in design, insulation, and aesthetic options.

Comprehensive Building System: By incorporating various artifacts, doors, and other components, multi-story frame structures create a comprehensive building system that meets the functional and aesthetic requirements of the project.

Modular Construction: The modular nature of the components allows for efficient assembly on-site, reducing construction time and costs.

Scalability: Multi-story frame structures can be designed and constructed to accommodate different numbers of stories, making them suitable for a wide range of building heights and purposes.

Features of WZH's Fabrication

Multi-Story Frame Structure System(图2)

Typcal Specifications

UseHot Rolled / Built-up H-shapes Steel Columns, Steel Beams, Steel Rafter, Crane Beams, etc.
Scope of WorkFabricate structural steel framing according to the structure drawings.
Work DescriptionStructural steel members complete, with cutting, welding, grit blasting, priming and painting, including all necessary fixing accessories such as stiffeners as specified.
MaterialsHot Rolled H Section/ I Section (UB, UC) / Steel Plates
Steel GradeQ355B / Q235C
Surface PreparationBy Sand Blasting to SA 2½ DIN EN ISO 12944 T4 standard
Priming and Painting1 coat of zinc rich primer (60-80 microns) + 1 coat of epoxy-zinc finish paint (60-80 microns), Gray Color.
Notes:All the specifications can be customized.
Capacity80000 Ton Structural Steel Fabrication Annually, Max thickness 100 mm.

Applications of multi-story frame structures include:

Commercial Buildings: Such as office complexes, shopping malls, and hotels.

Residential Buildings: Including apartment complexes and condominiums.

Institutional Buildings: Like schools, hospitals, and government offices.

Mixed-Use Developments: Combining residential, commercial, and recreational spaces within a single structure.

Typcal Fabrication Process of Plate Welded Steel Beams and Columns

Multi-Story Frame Structure System(图3)

Multi-Story Frame Structure System(图4)

Multi-Story Frame Structure System(图5)

Multi-Story Frame Structure System(图6)

Packing for Container Shipment and Bulk Shipment

Multi-Story Frame Structure System(图7)

Multi-Story Frame Structure System(图8)


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