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Three main principles when calculating steel structure

  • A steel structure is a type of metal framework composed of interconnected steel elements designed to transmit and withstand forces. Leveraging the high strength of steel, these structures offer robustness while requiring less material compared to structures made from materials like concrete or wood. Steel structures are prevalent in various construction projects, including factory buildings, residential complexes, infrastructure, bridges, airports, and more.

  • Structural Diagrams of Steel Structure Buildings:

    Structural diagrams are integral to the calculation of steel structures. These diagrams must consider essential elements such as:

    Scale of the project: Including building size, load conditions, intended purpose, and expected lifespan, determined in accordance with technical requirements.

    Availability of raw materials and supplies from enterprises.

    Foundation conditions and environmental influences.

  • Steel Structure Calculation Model:

    The steel structure calculation model is designed to accurately assess the working state of the steel structure. To meet contemporary standards, this model must fulfill several requirements:

    Represent working conditions, bearing capacity, and ensure safe working conditions.

    Facilitate the design process by providing a clear and comprehensive depiction of the structure.

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