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5 most famous steel structure projects in the world

  • The Walt Disney Theater, a tribute to Walt Disney by his wife, Mrs. Lillian B. Disney, stands as a testament to his enduring legacy. With a generous donation of $50 million, construction began in 1991 under the guidance of acclaimed architect Frank Gehry, culminating in its grand opening in 2003.

    Adorned with over 6,000 stainless steel plates, the theater's exterior boasts intricate curvatures that captivate the eye. Inside, the absence of pillars 

  • The Leadenhall Building, an architectural marvel in the United Kingdom, is affectionately known as "The Cheese Grater" due to its distinctive resemblance to a giant piece of cheese. Standing tall at 225 meters, this office-commercial building was operationalized in 2014.

    The building's unique shape is instantly recognizable, setting it apart from conventional structures. Its stability is ensured through a system of steel braces integrated into its design. Notably, the building's components are prefabricated off-site and transported for assembly. Prior to assembly, a layer of fireproof paint is applied to mitigate fire and explosion risks.

    The exterior of the building is predominantly comprised of transparent glass panels, allowing for uninterrupted views of its intricate steel framework. This feature serves as a highlight, enabling observers to admire the entirety of the structural frame.enhances the sense of spaciousness, with the roof supported by a vast steel structure reminiscent of billowing sails.

  • Pyrenees, the stadium comprises two rinks supported by steel bearing systems, complemented by a concrete structure and a glass roof. Notably, the roof descends straight to the ground, eschewing the creation of an external facade. As a result, when viewed from a distance, the building resembles a droplet of water.

    The stadium's infrastructure has significantly contributed to the development of Jaca, particularly in terms of its cold climate adaptation. In 2007, the venue hosted the European Youth Olympic Festival, establishing itself as a prominent location for such events.

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