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Essential equipment required for steel erection process and rules of using them

  • Mobile equipment encompasses vehicles and machines utilized for transporting materials and tools, including delivery trucks, truck cranes, and hoists. Adhering to specific rules while operating mobile equipment is crucial for ensuring both the quality and safety of steel structural buildings:

    Only certified operators and qualified equipment are allowed on construction sites.

    Equipment should maintain a safe distance of at least 4.5 meters from power lines with a voltage of 220V or higher.

    Unless it's an emergency, only one signalman is permitted to give signals to equipment operators.

  • Slings are devices employed for supporting, lifting, or carrying objects, available in various types such as cable, chain, rope, and webbing. Steel contractors must observe the following rules when using slings in steel structure erection:

    Before usage, slings must undergo strict examination for durability to ensure they can safely lift heavy objects.

    Sharp corners should be cushioned to prevent sling breakage during lifting operations.

    Avoid jerking the lifting load to minimize the risk of increasing the load's weight.

    When not in use, slings should be hung up to prevent damage and maintain their condition.

  • The commitment of BMB Steel to ensuring the quality, safety, and efficiency of steel structure construction is evident through its meticulous preparation and adherence to regulations. Essential equipment for steel erection undergoes thorough preparation before use, with strict adherence to safety guidelines outlined in the BMB Steel Safety Handbook. This comprehensive approach not only guarantees the quality and safety of the structures but also enhances the speed of construction. By prioritizing these principles, BMB Steel has achieved success in numerous projects, earning the trust of its customers and solidifying its position in the steel construction industry. Moving forward, BMB Steel remains dedicated to upholding these standards to continually meet and exceed customer expectations. For further insights into pre-engineered steel buildings and construction processes, visit BMB Steel's website.

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