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Three-story house's strip footing: Safe construction handbook

  • Among the array of foundation types prevalent today, employing strip footings for a 3-story house is deemed the optimal solution to bolster the structure's load-bearing capacity. Nonetheless, throughout the construction phase, meticulous attention must also be directed towards safety considerations. Hence, within this discourse, we aim to impart insights into the process of design organization and present-day practices in crafting durable and secure strip footings.

  • The organization of reinforcement work necessitates agility and efficiency. Reinforcement can be executed either directly at the strip foundation construction site or at a factory, contingent upon prevailing conditions, while still upholding the requisite standards of quality and quantity.

    During reinforcement assembly, mechanical methods or welded joints may be employed. However, adherence to the drawings of the 3-story house's strip footing structure is essential to prevent errors stemming from experiential installation, which may misalign steel bearings or diminish the efficacy of the reinforced structural system.

  • One common issue encountered during strip footing construction is the lack of sufficient hardness, often attributed to discrepancies between the initial design and the actual building load. Alternatively, it may result from lapses in adhering to material standards and implementation techniques during the construction process.

    In such scenarios, remedial measures are imperative. These may entail expanding the foundation base or transitioning from strip footings to a raft foundation. However, for optimal resolution, it is advisable to engage with construction units to ascertain the precise cause and implement comprehensive remedies.

  • The guidelines provided for constructing a strip footing for a 3-story house, ensuring both quality and safety, are outlined above. Adhering to the correct process and design specifications is crucial for safeguarding the project's longevity and security. Given the intricate nature of repairs associated with strip footings, meticulous care is warranted during construction.

    For those seeking a reliable entity to undertake strip footing or complete house construction, BMB Steel stands ready to assist. With a commitment to enhancing project quality while adhering to timelines and aesthetics, we pledge to deliver utmost client satisfaction.

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